Top 10 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

Missing teeth can have a serious impact on your life. This ranges from the way a tooth gap affects your overall health, to the impression you leave on others in social and work-life situations. You can replace missing teeth in several ways, but dental implants offer the best solution for eligible patients at our Meadows Dental clinic. Here are our top 10 reasons to choose dental implants over the other options available.

#1: They act like natural teeth
Implants behave just like natural teeth do. They are fixed permanently in your mouth and don’t need to be removed for any reason.

#2: You can eat whatever you want
After your mouth has healed from the surgery, dental implants will allow you to eat whatever you like. Other methods of tooth replacement, such as full or partial dentures, crowns, or bridges limit the foods you can eat and how you chew them.

#3: Implants stop your gums from shrinking
When you lose a tooth, the space where it was goes unsupported. As a result, the gum tissue shrinks and the bone gets absorbed back into your body. This makes the gap even bigger and changes the shape of your mouth.

#4: Smile with confidence
There are few things worse than seeing someone with dentures smile and have their plate shift. You’ll never quite look at them the same way again! Dental implants allow you to smile with confidence, knowing your teeth are permanent and won’t slip or lift.

#5: Speak up!
Speech is a big factor in every area of life, from building romantic relationships to getting the job you want. With implants fitted by our Meadows Dental practitioners, you can speak up securely, knowing that your teeth won’t let you down, fall out, or otherwise embarrass you.

#6: Get up close and personal
Love truly is what makes the world go round, but it’s difficult to get close enough to fall in love if you’re ashamed of your appearance. Dental implants not only give you a beautiful smile, but you can kiss your loved one without any fear that s/he will notice your missing or artificial teeth.

#7: End tooth fillings forever
Dental implants will never decay. They’ll never need a filling or a root canal procedure. And while they can get broken through trauma to your mouth, they are typically very long-lasting, with 90% of wearers having them for 30 years or more.

#8: Keep your face filled out
It’s a fact that as we get older our skin sags and wrinkles develop. What most people don’t realize, however, is that the main reason for this is that people have gaps in their mouths from missing teeth. By fitting a dental implant to replace each tooth as soon as it is lost, our Meadows Dental experts can make sure your face is properly supported for life. This will keep your appearance in good shape and stop your skin from sagging.

#9: Stay healthy overall
Missing teeth can cause problems for your overall health, too. When you don’t replace missing teeth, your other teeth start to move. This loosens them and enables bacteria to get into the spaces around the tooth root. The gum infection caused by bacteria can make you really sick, to the point that you not only need a dentist but you could be hospitalized, too.

#10: Protects your bite
The biting force of your teeth is something else that can be compromised by having missing teeth. Occasionally, the teeth opposite a gap will over-erupt and become longer. Missing teeth cause your jaw to have to work overtime to keep your bite in position, which can cause damage to it.

Dental implants might fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry, but they are in fact an essential aspect of every person’s safety.

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