The Impacts of COVID19 On Our Oral Health

Impacts of COVID19 On Our Oral Health

The Impacts of COVID19 on our oral health.


COVID19 has been part of our lives for more than a year. It is impacting every aspect of it including our oral health.


Because some patients are avoiding seeing their dentist out of fear of COVID19, we’ve seen an increase in oral infections. We have to remember that our body works as a system where everything is interconnected. An infection that starts in the mouth if left untreated can easily spread to other parts of the body, including the brain and other vital organs, causing very serious complications.


As we know, dentistry was closed for about ten weeks when the pandemic started last year. As a result, hospitals observed a drastic increase in the number of serious dental emergencies. Patients didn’t have access to primary dental care and dental problem were not being addressed on time.


Due to the fact that we are now wearing a mask most of the time, some people have difficulty breathing through their nose while wearing the mask, so they tend to breathe through their mouth. This creates Dry Mouth and that puts them at higher risk of developing gum inflammation and tooth decay. For those patients, more regular hygiene visits are recommended.


Lastly, Because right now we are hiding our mouth behind a mask, some people don’t feel the need to address their oral problems. As we know, our appearance plays a very important role in our self-confidence and our mental health. We need to continue taking care of our oral health so we are still able to smile with confidence and feel good about ourselves when the time comes where we no longer need a mask.


Some research has shown that patients with poor oral health tend to develop a more severe form of COVID19. Now more than ever, it is crucial for patients to maintain a good oral health, which helps strengthening their immune system, and see their dentist regularly.


Dentists are experts in infection control and they have put measures in place to keep you safe.


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