Moderate IV Sedation


Sedation Options with Your Dentist in Pitt Meadows

Dental phobias, no matter how mild, can make it difficult to get into the dental surgeon’s chair. Whether you need to visit your dentist in Pitt Meadows for routine hygiene, treatment for a cavity, or even a more complex procedure like dental implant placement, there are sedation options available to help you relax and feel more comfortable.

Our Dental clinic in Pitt Meadows offers several forms of sedation that are expertly administered chairside. Learn how minimal and moderate sedation is used, and how these methods differ from deep sedation and general anesthesia.


Minimal Sedation Methods with your Dentist in Pitt Meadows

For patients that need help relaxing, minimal sedation can be administered. In addition to helping you to overcome any discomfort and fear, this form of sedation aids your dentist in Pitt meadows because it makes procedures safer and stress-free.

Minimal sedation can be achieved with oral medication or inhaled nitrous oxide (often referred to as laughing gas). If you take oral medication, it will be administered around an hour before the procedure begins.

With minimal sedation, you will be conscious but relaxed. You will still have a good memory of the procedure. Your dentist in Pitt Meadows will explain the process and what to expect before administering oral sedation.


Moderate Sedation at your local Dental Clinic Pitt Meadows

Both oral and IV medication can be administered to create a state of moderate sedation for procedures at your local dental clinic Pitt Meadows. When taking the sedative orally, it will be the same medication used for minimal sedation, although the dose will be higher.

In our Dental Clinic in Pitt Meadows, we prefer IV sedation because it is a more effective and faster-acting form of moderate sedation, and you know exactly how much medication is going in your blood-stream.

Our dental clinic Pitt Meadows is certified to provide moderate IV sedation to help you feel deeply relaxed and free of anxiety for your upcoming procedure. With IV sedation, you are asleep during your treatment, but we can still wake you up by speaking loudly to you or touching you firmly.

The biggest benefit of IV dental sedation over oral is the immediacy of the treatment:

  • IV sedation starts working almost immediately, you’ll feel at ease within minutes of getting in the chair.
  • Procedures, especially complex ones, are more successful because your dentist can work without interruption.
  • Multiple procedures can be combined under IV moderate sedation.
  • You’ll lose your sense of time and procedures will seem to fly by quickly, with little or no memory on your part.
  • You’ll experience none of the anxiety typically associated with dental procedures.
  • IV sedation is very safe. You will be hooked onto a screen to monitor your vital signs throughout the entire procedure.
  • the sedation wears out very quickly. Usually, by approximately 10 minutes after the procedure, you are fully awake, but you required someone to escort you home.

Many patients at our dental clinic Pitt Meadows prefer moderate sedation for advanced dental procedures. If you fear drills, needles, and other dental instruments, it’s one of the best ways to ensure that you can get essential care without stress or anxiety.


Deep Sedation and General Anesthesia

For the most complex procedures, deep sedation may be recommended. In this state, higher doses of sedatives are used. Patients under deep sedation have no memory of procedures and can only be roused with sharp physical stimulus.

Deep sedation differs from general anesthesia. General anesthesia places you into an unconscious state and an anesthesiologist is required to administer the medication and monitor the procedure. General anesthesia is typically only needed for the most complex and medically severe procedures such as full dental reconstruction or emergency dental procedures following extreme trauma.

Both Deep Sedation and General Anesthetic are not administered in our Dental office in Pitt Meadows.


Relax in Comfort and Get the Best Care from Your Dental Clinic Pitt Meadows

Meadows Dental Group designs sedation options based on your unique needs. Whether you need minimal sedation to relax during a routine procedure or moderate IV sedation for more complex dental work, we will do everything to ensure your comfort and an anxiety-free experience.

Dental sedation at your local dental clinic Pitt Meadows can help you to feel better when getting the essential care that you need. Call us today on Tel. 604-465-6844.

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