Same Day Cerec Dental Crowns in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge

Our Pitt Meadows dental clinic, Meadows Dental Group, is proud to introduce Cerec technology to make your dental crown preparation appointments faster and more comfortable. Now your dental crowns can be fabricated directly in our Pitt Meadows office and permanently placed in the same appointment! No uncomfortable impressions, no second appointments, no temporary crowns and most importantly increased infection control. As much as we look forward to seeing our patients for multiple appointments, we are excited to be able to offer this service to save our patients time and offer a more pleasant experience.

A same day dental crown is a crown that has been milled directly in the office. It uses Cerec technology to fabricate a crown. The dentist shapes the tooth for a dental crown as she normally would. Once the tooth is the ideal shape the dentist will scan the area with a small intraoral scanner. The digital information will be sent to the Cerec machine which will mill your dental crown directly in our Pitt Meadows clinic. You can even watch if you like!
A same day dental crown fabricated in our clinic is made of ceramic, either Zirconia or Emax. It is the same high-quality material the lab technicians use to make conventional crowns in their lab.
There are multiple benefits to having a same day dental crown. Firstly, one appointment instead of two. With a same day dental crown there is no reason to come back for a second appointment as you will be leaving your first appointment with your permanent crown! This saves you the trouble of finding time to schedule multiple appointments and saves your from having a temporary crown. You will not be worried about your temporary crown breaking or coming off while you wait for the lab to fabricate your permanent crown. You won’t have to consider postponing your treatment around trips you have planned to avoid travelling with a temporary crown. Another benefit of a same day dental crown is no messy impressions! If you have ever had an uncomfortable, goopy impression taken you know why this is so great! Impressions will be replaced with the intraoral scanner.

Most importantly same day dental crowns enhance infection control. This is our first motivation in introducing same day dental crowns into our Pitt Meadows dental clinic. Having the crown fabricated in office reduces the chance of cross contamination as it reduces the number of steps and hands involved in the process.
As previously stated, same day dental crowns are the same high quality, precise restoration as a conventional dental crown. The only difference for our patients will be increased comfort and convenience.

That being said, there is a BIG difference in the process.

The steps involved for a conventional dental crown are as follows:

  1. Dentist shapes the tooth for a crown, takes an impression, makes a temporary crown, dismisses the patient and gives the impression to the CDA.
  2. The CDA disinfects and packs up the impression to give to the receptionist.
  3. The receptionist calls the lab to schedule a delivery driver.
  4. The delivery driver picks up the impression from our clinic and multiple others in the area before delivering to the lab.
  5. The lab receptionist receives the impression and gives to the lab technician.
  6. The lab technician fabricates the crown and then calls the deliver driver to come pick up the crown from our dental clinic
  7. The delivery driver brings the crown to the receptionist at our clinic.
  8. The receptionist receives the crown and gives to the CDA.
  9. The CDA unpacks and disinfects the crown.
  10. The patient returns and the dentist removes the temporary crown and cements the permanent crown in permanently.

As you can see a conventional dental crown requires a lot of steps and changes hands multiple times before it is permanently cemented.

In contrast, the steps involved for a same day dental crown are as follows:

  1. Dentist shapes the tooth for a crown and takes a scan of the area.
  2. The digital information is sent to the milling machine which fabricates the crown directly in our Pitt Meadows dental clinic.
  3. The dentist cements the permanent crown permanently.

With a same day dentalcrown the process is simplified. The only people responsible for handling your crown will be the dentist and the CDA, everything stays in clinic.

Watch this video for a visual of how the process works.

The same day Cerec technology is not new. Cerec dental crowns have been around for decades. In recent years the technology has improved tremendously. This Cerec technology produces high quality precision dental crowns in a very comfortable way and with increased infection control. We are excited to offer this service to you, our treasured patients, in our Pitt Meadows Dental Clinic.

To learn more about same day Cerec dental crowns in Pitt Meadows or Maple Ridge, please Contact us today at 604-465-6844 to book an appointment with one of our gentle, caring dentists.