Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy

Our dentists are experienced and have skills at basic and advanced root canal treatment (endodontics), a study of the tooth pulp and diagnosis of infected pulp.

If the nerve within your tooth becomes infected, our root canal treatment can help you prevent tooth loss. Though the endodontics procedure is more complex, a properly performed treatment helps in treating the infection before it causes health complications. It removes the dead or infected pulp from the inside of your tooth.

An infected (abscessed) tooth can lead to swelling and toothache which in turn causes discomfort. Due to infectious bacteria travelling to other parts of your body, it can result in severe health complications. While one way to treat this condition is to remove the tooth and disinfect the area, it will create a gap between that will need an implant or bridge. If possible, the preferable method to save the tooth is through endodontic treatment.

Our dentists begin the treatment by applying local anesthesia and isolating the infected area with a rubber dam. With the help of advanced tools, we will drill an opening in the tooth to access the infected pulp, remove it, and clean the area. We then fill the area with a filling material. Finally, our dentists will seal the surface of your tooth with a dental crown to restore its function and natural appearance and also to prevent further infection. Based on the complexity of the infection, your treatment will require one or more visits. We also perform crown restoration separately based on your requirement.

If your tooth has calcification or more complex issue than usual, it may require treatment from an experienced endodontist. Endodontic surgery is necessary to clean and seal the remainder of the canal. The most common endodontic surgical procedure is “Apicoectomy”, which is an effective procedure involving the surgical removal of a root end cavity and sealing of the root canal. This surgery is used to fight infection in the tissues surrounding the tip of the root while preventing tooth extraction.

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More on Root Canal Therapy in Pitt Meadows

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) Core and Crown

If you are suffering from a toothache that is being caused by an infection in the tissue, you will need a dental professional that specializes in endodontics Pitt Meadows.

Root canal therapy Pitt Meadows is a relatively common procedure, but some patients can feel some hesitation when preparing to visit the dentist. Understanding root canals will allow you to move forward with your consultation without anxiety.

You will find that technical innovation and our expertise makes core and crown root canal treatment Pitt Meadows a stress-free experience. Pain and discomfort will be limited during the procedure and throughout recovery.

Symptoms That Lead to Root Canal Pitt Meadows

Root canal is an endodontics Pitt Meadows procedure that saves a tooth that is infected or badly decayed. It involves removing the damaged pulp, replacing it with a filler (core), and sealing the tooth. In cases of extensive damage and tooth material loss, a full crown may be necessary. This is known as a core and crown.

There are several symptoms that indicate you need root canal therapy Pitt Meadows.

  • Severe pain when biting and chewing.
  • You have a chipped or cracked tooth.
  • You are sensitive to hot and cold foods and liquids.
  • You have tender and/or swollen gums.
  • You have pimples or lumps that form on the gums.
  • Your gums are darkening and showing signs of decay.

Infections and advanced decay will not heal on their own. Root end surgery Pitt Meadows will prevent long-term damage while eliminating symptoms. Call now to schedule a consultation with a specialist in endodontics Pitt Meadows.

Core and Crown – The Process of Root Canal Pitt Meadows

Some root canal procedures will require extensive removal and cleaning of infected pulp and decayed tooth material. After cleaning and shaping, the resulting cavity will be filled with a restorative material, known as the core. In modern dentistry, a composite material is used.

The core prevents further decay, and it also provides stability for a crown to cap and protect your tooth. A core buildup can also be used to rebuild a tooth that is heavily chipped, fractured or broken. Your dentist will carefully layer a composite material before finishing the process with a crown.

A crown is a type of cap that is placed over your tooth. Crowns are custom made to restore the size, shape, and strength of your original tooth. They are available in porcelain fused metal, resin, all-ceramic all-porcelain, and even metals for back teeth that aren’t visible in your smile.

A full examination will determine the best way to proceed with root canal therapy Pitt Meadows.

Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment Pitt Meadows

There are many myths surrounding root end surgery Pitt Meadows. They are a leading reason why people wait too long before seeking treatment.

  • The Myth That It’s Painful – Root end surgery has been perfected over the years. Anesthetics and modern procedures mean that root canal treatment Pitt Meadows is no more painful than a normal filling.
  • The Myth That it Leads to Illness – Root end surgery Pitt Meadows won’t increase your chance of future infection or illness. This has long been debunked and has no basis in scientific evidence.
  • The Myth That Extraction is Better Than Root Canal Pitt Meadows –A root canal will save your tooth and preserve your facial structure. If you extract, you’ll eventually need to replace the tooth with a denture, implant, or bridge. Root canal treatment Pitt Meadows is a long term solution with a better result.

Contact our specialist team today and book your consultation for root end surgery Pitt Meadows.

The Best Root Canal Therapy Pitt Meadows

We offer advanced dental services, including core and crown endodontics Pitt Meadows. We serve nearby areas around Metro Vancouver and are the ideal choice for root canal Pitt Meadows. Schedule your consultation today to save your tooth and eliminate pain.

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