Dentures & Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures and Dentures in Pitt Meadows

Dentures are removable dental fixtures that help in replacing missing teeth and tissue.
When a patient loses many or all of their teeth, dentures will help them chew properly and speak normally.
They are also ideal to support a natural-looking
smile and facial structure while preventing the loss of teeth and gum tissue.

  • Complete Dentures in Pitt Meadows: They help replace all of the
    teeth in both the upper and lower arch.
  • Partial Dentures in Pitt Meadows: These dentures replace some of
    the teeth, while the other natural teeth remain the same.

At Meadows Dental Group, we will require several appointments to take precise moulds and measurement and create your perfect set of dentures. We’ll fabricate dentures, adjustments and additional fittings to ensure the correct fit, appearance and function.

Our dentists will also provide with proper guidance for optimal care and cleaning.

If you or your loved one could benefit from dentures in Pitt Meadows or partial dentures in Pitt Meadows, call us to schedule an appointment and start on the path to giving you a happy, healthy looking smile that you are proud of.

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