Dental Implants
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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Pitt Meadows

Dental implants are artificial roots and teeth implanted into the jaw to replace your missing teeth. With more advanced techniques, today’s dental implants are durable and feel and function like natural teeth. They are crafted to fit your needs and enhance your smile like never before. These implants often serve as effective alternatives to traditional dentures. They require minimal maintenance such as a regular oral hygiene routine.

If you are thinking about replacing a tooth, a dental bridge, or a crown, dental implants can be the solution. At Meadows Dental Group, we are pleased to provide you with dental implants that will maintain the integrity of your jawbone and bite. With our implants, you can eat your favourite food and speak with confidence. Implants are ideal and can reap several benefits because they can:

  • Replace a missing tooth without affecting the surrounding teeth
  • Support proper biting, chewing, and speaking ability
  • Restore confidence with a beautiful, healthy-looking smile
  • Prevent misalignment
  • Support a bridge or denture for optimal function and comfort

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The Best Implant Dentist in Pitt Meadows

Damaged, loose, and missing teeth can leave your smile less than perfect. If you want to restore your smile, your confidence, and overall oral health, dental implants in Pitt Meadows may be the best solution.

Implants are permanent fixtures in the mouth, and they form the foundation of replacement teeth. Unlike dentures, implants can last your lifetime. Cosmetically, a talented dentist can make implants so that they are indistinguishable from natural teeth. You’ll need the best implant dentist in Pitt Meadows, which you’ll find right here at our practice.

Implants are made up of a post that is embedded into your jawbone following complete tooth extraction. After healing, an artificial tooth will be attached to the post, matching your natural smile, or creating a whole new one.

Most patients with healthy gums can get dental implants. Some things your dentist will consider before the procedure include:

  • Your overall oral and general health.
  • Your preference for implants or dentures.
  • The location of the implant and health of any other existing teeth.
  • The condition of your jawbone.

Learn all about our services for dental implants in Pitt Meadows, and make an informed decision that meets your needs.

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What Happens When a Tooth is Lost?

Tooth loss is a common issue that can be treated by the best implant dentist in Pitt Meadows. There are several factors that can contribute to tooth loss. Trauma is one of them, but, the most common cause is gum disease.

Most patients who lose a single tooth will be at higher risk of losing more. If you’ve lost a tooth as an adult, we can help, with dental implants Langley, BC, and the nearby areas.

Your mouth is a complex biomechanical system. Each tooth is integral, as it provides support for the ones adjacent to it. You need to act quickly to ensure that your oral health doesn’t deteriorate further. With a missing tooth, your body will start to absorb the bone that held it in place. This shrinkage compromises the stability of other teeth. A missing tooth could even lead to changes in jaw structure, which could alter the appearance of your face. The best dental implants in Maple Ridge can overcome these problems.

Healthy teeth assist in speech. They ensure you can eat a balanced and varied diet and are the first step in digestion. Your teeth also give you confidence with a flawless smile.

If you have lost a tooth for any reason, or if your teeth are severely damaged or loose, it’s time to talk to us about dental implants in Pitt Meadows.

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Single and Multiple Implants

Depending on the extent of your tooth loss or decay, you may need single or multiple dental implants.

  • A single implant is just as it sounds. The procedure will include implantation of a single post in the jawbone, with an artificial tooth to cap it off. Your smile will be fully restored.
  • Multiple implantation relates to the process of replacing several individual teeth, each with its own post embedded into the jawbone.
  • Implant supported bridge is a procedure where several posts are embedded in the jaw, to support a number of connected artificial teeth. Needs vary depending on the patient. For a full smile restoration, a total of eight implants could support 32 artificial teeth.

If you’re only missing a single tooth, then a single implant will usually be all that you need. We’ll discuss your unique case and provide options for dental implants Maple in Ridge and the surrounding areas. A supported bridge could replace your entire smile, at a reasonable cost. Full mouth restoration with individual implants would be the costliest procedure, but it would also provide the best results.

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Implant Supported Bridge

Numerous missing teeth can be replaced with an implant supported bridge procedure. Similar in concept to a crown bridge, this procedure uses implanted teeth to support artificial replacements that restore a healthy smile. Implants provide excellent support for false teeth, and the aesthetic result is much more pleasing than dentures.

Because this procedure relies on implants, you will need to have a healthy jaw to provide adequate support. If your jawbone has been compromised in any way, it may be possible to perform a bone graft or sinus lift prior to implantation. As the best implant dentist in Pitt Meadows, we will ensure that all options are explored and that you are fully informed before making a final decision.

Eligible candidates for an implant supported bridge procedure will:

  • Have two or more consecutive teeth missing.
  • Want a permanent solution for missing teeth.
  • Be free of any periodontal disease. (Existing conditions can be treated before implants are recommended.)
  • Be in good physical health to support the healing process.

Contact us today for consultation and examination, and take a step towards a confident smile and healthier mouth.

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All-On-4 Best Dental Implants Maple Ridge

To provide you with numerous effective options that range in cost, we also offer All-On-4 dental implants. The giveaway here is in the name. These dental implants in Maple Ridge can replace entire rows of teeth with just four supporting implanted posts/screws. This reduces the cost, surgery time, and recovery time significantly because there’s no need for an individual implant at every tooth.

This procedure is often recommended for patients who need full mouth restoration due to decay, numerous missing teeth, or other oral health problems.

The All-On-4 procedure is unique from a removable denture. An artificial gumline and teeth will be installed over your implants. The best implant dentist in Pitt Meadows can use this procedure to replace both top and bottom missing teeth.

There are millions of people in North America who are missing all or most of their teeth. If you find yourself in this category, then this procedure is worth investigating. You can call for a consultation today to find out if this will be the best solution for your needs. We offer dental implants Langley, BC and in the surrounding areas like Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.

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Implant Supported Dentures

One of your options for Dental implants Langley, BC is implant supported dentures.

Unlike a normal denture that is unsupported and simply rests on the gums, this procedure uses implanted posts to secure a denture. It can be used when multiple teeth are missing. Like all implants, you will need to have a healthy jaw that will hold an implanted post.

Even the best implant dentist in Port Coquitlam would have trouble designing a standard denture that sits properly on the lower jaw. Implant supported dentures overcome this problem. Lower dentures are unstable and can move a lot while talking, eating, drinking, etc. For some people who use dentures, this annoyance becomes unbearable.

If you are having problems with your dentures, or, if you have significant tooth loss on the lower jaw, this could be the treatment for you. You can book a consultation with the best implant dentist in Port Coquitlam today.

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Bone Grafting Socket Preservation for Dental Implants Pitt Meadows

All-On-4, implant supported dentures, and implant supported bridges will leave some sockets without teeth. When teeth are lost or extracted, the bone in the jaw can deteriorate. Over time, this could compromise oral health, bone structure, and the stability of your new implants.

With the best implant dentist in Port Coquitlam, you can have bone grafting socket preservation to protect your health.

Advances in medical technology mean that dental implants Langley, BC, can be combined with a procedure that prevents tissue and bone loss. Grafting is performed with an engineered material that is similar in structure to human bone. This promotes bone growth while eliminating deterioration.

Bone grafting socket preservation may also be used as an initial step before dental implants. If your jaw is compromised, then grafting will bring it back to health, providing a foundation for an implantation post/screw.

Following consultation and examination, we will advise the extent of any grafting that is necessary to protect the integrity of sockets and your jawbone.

Schedule your consultation today for the best dental implants in Maple Ridge and more information around grafting and socket preservation.

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Sinus Lift Crestal and Lateral

For the best dental implants in Pitt Meadows, optimal bone health and structure are necessary. In some cases, a sinus lift may be recommended before further surgery takes place.

A sinus lift is a relatively common procedure that makes it possible to get dental implants in Pitt Meadows, even if you have suffered bone loss or deterioration. The surgery involves grafting bone onto the upper jaw, to support molar and premolar teeth implantation. The sinus membrane is lifted to make way for the bone graft.

There are two variations of this procedure, which are crestal and lateral lifts. The right one for you will depend on bone structure, the health of existing bone, the amount of bone loss, and the recommendation of the best implant dentist in Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows and surrounding areas.

You may need this surgery before you can get dental implants in Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge and Langley if:

  • Your jaw bone has been damaged from previous extraction or physical trauma.
  • You have had a tumor or cyst removed from around the jaw.
  • Your jawbone has receded due to tooth loss.
  • You have a naturally thin jaw bone, or a larger than usual sinus cavity. Structure, density, and shape of your jawbone will be analyzed prior to dental implants in Port Coquitlam.
  • Untreated or treated periodontal disease has caused bone loss.

Contact us today to begin the consultation process.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dental implants in Maple Port Coquitlam, Langley, Pitt Meadows or Maple Ridge can form the basis of full mouth reconstruction. This may be necessary if you require extensive rehabilitation.

Missing teeth, periodontal disease, trauma, cracked and broken teeth, and other conditions inside the mouth could create the need for full reconstruction. The process could include any or several of the treatments and procedures that have been listed above. Dental implants in Port Coquitlam Langley, Pitt Meadows or Maple Ridge, is just one aspect of reconstruction. Our talented dentist can restore your jaw and teeth for a healthy and attractive smile.

This could be the best option for you if you have advanced tooth loss or decay, or if you have structural or cosmetic issues that you want to address. In addition to implants, other procedures like dental crowns, bridges, dentures, fillings, and even cleaning could be incorporated.

This will be a significant procedure where you need to have full trust in your dental practice. In addition to offering the best dental implants in Pitt Meadows and the surrounding areas, we can also perform full reconstruction and rehabilitation. Talk to us now to explore your options.

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The Best Dental Implants Pitt Meadows

We offer comprehensive dental services in Metro Vancouver. If you have struggled with tooth health, implantation could be the answer. We treat all forms of decay, tooth loss, and damage. We can restore your smile to bring you confidence and long-term oral health.

For the best dental implants in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Langley, Port Coquitlam, and the surrounding areas in BC, schedule your consultation today.

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