Important COVID -19 Update

The team at Meadows Dental Group wants to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.

As we all are aware, increases in case numbers of the COVID-19 omicron variant are adding additional challenges to the beginning of the year and we want all of our patients to know that your health and safety along with our staff’s health and safety are our top priority.

At this time, we are taking even more steps to be extra vigilant for symptoms related to cold or flu. Given the way the omicron variant transmits we anticipate we may have days where staffing levels could affect our ability to provide service. This could mean that some appointments may be rescheduled on short notice.

Should we be required to reschedule an appointment, our staff will reach out to you as quickly as possible. We will make every effort to minimize impact on our patients, but at this time we will have to take a day-to-day approach. We ask for your patience in advance during these times.

Thank you for your continued trust in our practice. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2022.

What Are We Doing to Keep You Safe

Dear patients,

To make sure you are receiving your treatments in a safe environment, things will be slightly different from what you may be used to. This is what to expect before and during your time in the clinic:

  • Prior to your appointment, you will receive a phone call from us asking about your travels outside of Canada in the fourteen days prior to your appointment and about COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Please do not come to the clinic if you are experiencing a fever, cough, sore throat or runny nose, shortness of breath or if you have been outside of Canada in the fourteen days prior to your appointment.
  • At your arrival in the parking lot, wait in your car and give us a call. We will let you know when to come in.
  • Before you enter the clinic, please fill the COVID-19 consent form at the door, put on shoes-covers and sanitize your hands with the hand sanitizer provided.
  • Do not enter the clinic with gloves on.
  • During your stay, it is advised to use a mask before and after your appointment.
  • Before leaving the clinic, remove the shoe-covers and sanitize your hands again.

In addition to the highest standards of infection control and our rigorous sterilization protocols, we are taking the following measures to ensure you are having your treatments in a safe environment:

  • No staff will come to the clinic if they are sick.
  • At their arrival at the clinic, the staff will remove their street clothes and shoes to change into clean scrubs and clinic shoes.
  • A clean isolation gown will be used by the staff, and changed before each appointment.
  • Our enhanced protective equipment will include a level 3 mask or N95 respirator,goggles, face shield, and gloves, isolation gown.
  • The staff will perform rigorous hand hygiene throughout the day.
  • The booking will be spread out to avoid patients crossing paths.
  • We will remove all toys, magazines and coffee machine from the waiting room.
  • We will minimize the number of patients and the waiting time in the reception area.
  • A plexiglass barrier will be installed at the front desk

Click here to view the patient safety at dental offices video

Let’s work together to stop the spread.
Your Meadows Dental Team.

We Are Re-opening for Routine Care – June 1st, 2020

Dear patients,

Thanks to our common efforts, the curve has flattened, and the directives of the Provincial Health Officer that dentists only perform urgent care were lifted on May 15.

Moving forward, we will be able to gradually introduce routine care to our daily schedule.


We are very excited to see you again in the clinic. We will take all the necessary measures to make sure you receive your care in a safe environment. We’ve always had a very high standard of infection control and a rigorous sterilization protocols. These will be further enhanced with the implementation of patients screening prior to their appointment, physical distancing between patients, the use of enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE) for our staff, rigorous hands hygiene, and more.

Because of the lengthy closure, we will be seeing patients in this order of priority:


  • Patients in urgent need.
  • Patients whose treatment started prior to the closure and has not yet been completed.
  • Patients whose appointment were cancelled due to the closure.
  • All other patients.

Dental hygiene care will resume in the first week of June 2020.

The type of personal protective equipment needed will depend on the type of procedure performed. As we all know, there is a world-wide shortage of masks, and the priority is being put on hospitals. Because your safety is our priority, certain treatments will not be rendered if we do not have the appropriate personal protective equipment in the clinic. We hope for your patience and understanding as we navigate through these difficult times.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the clinic soon!

Your Meadows Dental Team.

We are closed due to Covid-19 – March 16th, 2020

Dear patients,

On March 16, 2020 the Provincial Health Officer stated that at least four cases of COVID-19 are related to the 2020 Pacific Dental Conference, and that all conference attendees are to self-isolate until March 22.

We were all at the Pacific Dental Conference and we finished our self isolation time yesterday. We are all doing well, and we are back to work. However, as recommended by the College, we will only be providing emergent and essential care.

Dental visits should be limited to the treatment of pain, infection, severe trauma, conditions that significantly inhibit normal operation of teeth and mouth, and issues that may cause anything listed above within the next 3 to 6 months.

We must respect these recommendations to practice social distancing as recommended by the Public Health Officer but mostly to ensure that protective equipment can be directed to critical care areas. For these reasons, Meadows Dental is preparing to donate a bulk part of its gloves, surgical masks and surgical gowns to those who need it the most: those in the front line of our local hospitals. We will be saving just a few for true emergency situations.

If you fall into any of the categories above or if you have any questions or concerns during this period of restriction, please contact Dr. Fouellefack directly at 604-354-3073. We will be there to assist you.

If you have any of the following symptoms of COVID-19 listed below:


  • Fever
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Dry Cough
  • Runny Nose
  • Sore Throat


Please do not come to the clinic.

This is a very critical situation for all of us. We are all part of a global community and the virus is among us. To ensure our safety, that of our family and to protect the most vulnerable, please follow public health protocols. Let’s STAY HOME! Enjoy our back yard, spend some quality time with our family and catch up on things that we have pushed aside because of our busy schedules. It’s the only way we will conquer this common enemy, and hopefully go back to our regular life very soon.
Yours sincerely,

Dr. Gisèle Fouellefack